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A dance audition was the place and May 30, 2013 was the date when the paths of two creative and gifted young artists crossed. During that summer, Brittany and Joy spent a great deal of time together rehearsing and bonding over their mutual love of music and performance. They sang, they danced, they acted, they toiled, they cried, they rejoiced, they prayed... and out of that experience, THE VOCAL DUO was born.

Joy and Brittany continued singing together outside of the confines of productions and choirs. Whether gracing the stage of a recital hall, worshipping at the altar of a treasured religious space, or uniting amongst the beloved community, they have always been well received. These ladies will envelope you with warm tones, lift you with their collective spirit, and enthrall you with their vocal prowess.

Combining the best of history, culture, and society, THE VOCAL DUO is one of the architect's musical masterpieces. The ancestors breathe new life into the long cherished sounds that escape the lips of these two inspired vocalists. Their music is like a quiet storm. Their combined artistry is unmatched. Their interpretive spirit of song slowly overtakes your soundscape leaving you lost in the allure of a forgotten time.